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Harga Topcon’s DT-200 Series represents the highest accu- racy and value in Digital Theodolite technology. Only Topcon, with 75+ years of exper...
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Topcon’s DT-200 Series represents the highest accu- racy and value in Digital Theodolite technology. Only Topcon, with 75+ years of experience manufacturing the World’s most precise Optical Survey instruments can offer the precision, durability, and advanced technology found in each DT-200.

Make your next job a snap
With Topcon’s DT-200 you’ll be up and working fast, thanks to it’s simple interface and large, easy-to-see backlit LCD. There’s an optical plummet that makes set up over a control point easy, and a tilt sensor that provides ±3 minute angle correction. The DT-200 Series features two magnification choices - 26x and 30x, a super-short 3’ minimum focus distance for those tight areas, and angle accuracies of 5, 7, and 9 arc seconds.

L = Laser
Add a whole new dimension of accuracy and confidence to your alignment jobs with Topcon’s unique DT-200L Series, featuring a 633nm Class II laser beam. It can be used anywhere on your site and seen clearly in direct sunlight up to 165’. Now you can easily and accurately place anchor bolts at regular intervals on a line, set an angle and use the beam to verify your tape measure is properly aligned for the next stake, or “sight in” footers, frames, and tilt-up walls, all without pulling a string!

No matter which DT-200 you choose, you’ll experi- ence the simplicity and value that only Topcon can provide.

Topcon. It’s time.

DT-200/DT-200L Series
Digital Theodolite

Durability, accuracy, and value, that’s Topcon and that’s the DT-200 and DT-200L Series of digital theodolites.

Water and dustproof
Get the work done, even in less than perfect condi- tions. All DT-200/DT-200L Series instruments are rated to IP66, standing up to even the rainiest conditions. And each telescope is gas charged to further avoid moisture intrusion and limit or eliminate lens fogging.

Laser accurate
(DT-200L Series only)
Topcon’s World Leading laser technology is incorpo- rated in to the DT-200L Series to aid in fast, confident alignment. The 633nm beam is emitted directly from the aperture, but does not impede viewing, in fact it’s not even visible when sighting through the lens. (Class II laser beam)

Simple Operation
Each DT-200 provides large, high-contrast, back-lit LCD’s on both sides of the instrument. And the five button interface panel is so simple to use your crew won’t require any special training to put your DT-200 to use day-in and day-out.
(DT-209/209L: single side display)

Fast, reliable data gathering (DT-205/205L) Eliminate the notebook, pen, and hassle of pages of note taking. Easily connect the DT-200/DT-200L Series to a Field Controller or a laptop computer for continuous download of angle measurements as they are made.

The ultimate in continuous operation
The DT-200/DT-200L Series provides up to 140+ hours of operation in Angle Measurement mode on 4AA batteries,
better than any other model! And when it is time to change batteries, it’s as easy as snapping out the old ones and snapping in the new.
Even when using the laser, power con- sumption is extremely low providing 80 hours of continuous operation.